We pursue product opportunities where we will provide people at risk and their communities peace-of-mind. People with life threatening conditions carry their emergency treatment with them at all times, hoping they will never be used. These treatments may have to be administered by someone with minimal training. Our products will provide confidence through a combination of improved usability, drug stability and ruggedness.

  • Simple to Use — ARAI is the only auto-injector with single-hand, single-step activation. With clear labeling and ARAI’s audible, tactile and visual feedback, user errors are reduced.

  • Stable — ARAI stores drugs in a glass-free, high-barrier container. To improve drug stability, ARAI also features a flexible primary container that can be configured to separately store treatment constituents.

  • Rugged — ARAI is designed and tested in the toughest environmental conditions.


Inside the ARAI auto-injector


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