People with life-threatening conditions always carry an auto-injector and hope never to use it. In an emergency situation, an auto-injector needs to spring into action to reliably deliver life-saving treatment. This concern takes an emotional toll on users and can negatively impact patients and their families. We know because our employees have friends and family with life-threatening conditions, too. Using the same platform developed for the military, we aim to extend the ARAI platform to help ease the concerns of consumers in three key areas.


Opioid Overdose

The misuse of prescription pain relievers, heroin, and synthetic opioids is a national crisis that continues to affect public health. The rapid onset of severe respiratory depression resulting from an overdose requires rapid administration of antidotal treatment. AktiVax is developing a first-in-kind opioid overdose reversal treatment consisting of a dual injection of the drugs naloxone and nalmefene. This treatment is designed to be given as a first intervention by a community member to sustain the patient for long enough to reach definitive care.


Sever Allergy

While allergies can affect people differently, severe allergic reactions can cause swelling that spreads to the throat and lungs, leading to a sometimes deadly condition known as anaphylaxis. Epinephrine is the first line of defense for severe food and insect bite allergies. AktiVax is developing an ARAI epinephrine auto-injector that improves on the currently available options by simplifying the administration process, improving product shelf life, and enhancing the durability of the device.



Severe low blood sugar, also known as diabetic hypoglycemia, is a medical emergency that requires the intramuscular injection of glucagon. The dominating treatment is a kit consisting of a vial with glucagon in a dry powder format and a syringe containing water for injection. The kit requires multiple steps to prepare and administer the drug with an exposed needle. It’s difficult to operate under extreme duress and leaves substantial room for administration failure. ARAI will be the first-in-class automatic reconstitution auto-injector for delivering glucagon. It will require a single-hand, single-step operation and will never expose users to a needle.

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